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About Park Farm

Park Farm lies secluded a mile off the road and is surrounded by a landscape unchanged for centuries on the historic Shuckburgh Estate. 

Shuckburgh Hall is one of the few country estates in England that is still privately owned and can be seen across the park from the long drive to Park Farm. The Shuckburgh family first settled on the estate in the 12th Century and the Hall is now lived in by the 14th baronet meaning the family have lived on the estate for over 1000 years. The Shuckburgh baronetcy was originally bestowed on Richard Shuckburgh by Charles 1 after the Battle of Edgehill in 1642. Being one of the oldest privately owned estates in the country it has a wealth of history and local interest.

Park Farm is one of several farms on the estate and it’s approach is quite unique, flanked on one side by an ancient deer park and on the other by rolling ‘ridge and furrow’ grass fields. This is an archaeological feature remaining from the middle ages when it was used as a ploughing method for strip cultivation of fields. Also known as an open field system, this technique was introduced as a way for villagers to share land. The villagers (otherwise known as peasants in those days!) would have rented strips of land from the Shuckburgh family in order to grow their crops. Using an ox and plough, the ridges and troughs (or furrows) were created to increase the surface area for cultivation and to aid drainage and Park Farm has particularly fine examples of this ancient ploughing method dating back to medieval times. 

Having such an ancient landscape means that there is a diverse range of birds and wildlife inhabiting the estate and Park Farm is in the Countrywide Stewardship Scheme which promotes the conservation of the natural flora and fauna and as a result there is a wonderful abundance of wildlife which you can witness for yourself as you approach Park Farm!

Located on the Warwickshire / Northamptonshire borders and close to several major road networks including the M1, M40 and M6 Park Farm is ideally situated in the heart of the Midlands. Birmingham and Luton airports are both within easy distance of Park Farm and Leamington Spa, Rugby and Banbury train stations are all within a half hour drive. As the farm is a little off the beaten track, transport is necessary on wedding days but we are lucky to have good taxi services close by and cars can be left securely in our car park overnight for collection the following day. We are often asked if guests can be coached into the venue and the answer is yes! We have limited hard standing for parking available so coaching guests onto the farm is a way for us to extend our wedding season into months we wouldn’t normally be open.

Back in 2016 a thought was hatched to convert a disused barn into what is now The Cart Shed and this decision became the kickstart needed to launch Park Farm Weddings! Being so centrally placed, we are in a perfect position for families to gather from the length and breadth of the country.

Whilst diversifying into the wedding industry, Park Farm is primarily a working beef and sheep farm consisting of 300 acres of traditional grassland and is home to a pedigree herd of Hereford cattle and a flock of breeding ewes together with two working collies and Monty our lovable terrier who thinks he’s a sheep dog and will often try to photo bomb your wedding pictures! The farming calendar is a busy one starting in the Spring with Tim calving and lambing, the summer he spends gathering in enough fodder and straw for all the stock to get through the colder months and culminates with a busy winter with all the cattle being housed inside, not to mention all the myriad farming jobs in between!

The farmhouse at Park Farm is both a home and integral to Park Farm Weddings. It is a traditional red brick building originally dating back we think to the late 17th century and with various extensions and renovations in later years, it has now become a central part of the business, welcoming guests to stay in our two well appointed bed and breakfast rooms and luxurious shepherds hut. Back in 2010 once the family started to spread their wings, we began to open the house for guests. This has evolved over the years and was really the embryonic stage from which the concept of hosting weddings at Park farm began. 

We are very lucky to live in such a wonderful environment and surrounding the house is a beautiful garden which requires hard work and dedication to maintain so that it looks it’s best for you on your wedding day! Often described as a ‘secret garden’ as it’s tucked away initially out of sight, the garden was originally a grass field. Tim together with his late wife Gwen and the help of a landscape gardener worked on a design converting what was a wild space into what you see today. Over the years the garden has developed and planting changed but the basic design is still the same. Cleverly it is a mix of formal planting around the house moving back towards a more relaxed woodland feel as you approach the avenue of ancient Oak trees separating the house from the farm. Tim claims the garden was designed to be low maintenance but I can assure you that it is anything but! The productive Kitchen Garden was added more recently and many hours are spent replanting, weeding, pruning etc but we get so much pleasure from both living on the farm and sharing the result of our hard labour with others that when we hear all the wonderful compliments it makes it all so worthwhile. 

“Park farm weddings was the most idyllic setting for our rustic wedding. The venue and its surrounding scenery is beautiful, we could not have picked a better venue for our wedding. Jill could not have been more helpful and supportive through the whole journey, from planning to the general running of the day. Her input allowed us to enjoy our day with absolutely no stresses. The on-site accommodation was perfect and is clearly maintained to a very high standard. My husband and I stayed in the shepherds hut which was the perfect addition to a wonderful day. Thank you Jill for everything.

E Wilson

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